My goal is to provide individualized coaching and training plans to fit the needs of unique individuals. I understand that most athletes are first and foremost human beings, trying to balance work, family, and play. An effective training plan should fit the needs of the individual, not vice versa. There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to training. We each respond differently to training and a generic plan will not be successful. Each of my plans is written from scratch and takes into account life obligations to achieve balance and maximize the benefits of training.

An effective training plan includes good communication and feedback to be effective. An important component of each of my coaching plans is regular communication and subsequent updates to the training plan. I want to know that the plan is working for you. And communicating on a regular basis ensures that we are on the right track. The more I know about how you are responding to the training, the more effective the plan will be.

Performance Plan

This plan is designed for someone looking to optimize training to reach the highest level of performance. Through regular communication and feedback we will maximize the effectiveness of the training plan to meet your unique needs on a daily basis. If you are someone who’s life is always changing and desire frequent updates, we make this plan fit your individual needs. The regular communication in this plan ensures that you reach your goals despite leading a busy life. This plan includes:

  • Detailed Initial Consultation
  • Customized Individual Training Plan – SAMPLE
  • Weekly client initiated meetings via Skype/phone or in person
  • Unlimited email and phone communication
  • Customization of training log based on daily and weekly feedback
  • Goal setting and prioritization of races
  • Discussion of general nutrition and fueling for endurance performance
  • Detailed race prep and planning meetings
  • Additional meetings as needed

*The major benefits of this plan are the regular communication and updates to the training plan based on your feedback.

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Basic Plan

This plan is for someone who wants a customized training plan with occasional communication and feedback. If you require less frequent updates and interaction, then this plan will fit your needs.

  • Detailed Initial Consultation
  • Customized Individual Training Plan – SAMPLE
  • Monthly client initiated meetings via Skype/phone or in person
  • Bi-monthly email and phone communication
  • Updates to training log based on monthly feedback

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