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An Ode to Suffering

July 16, 2017

An Ode to Suffering. Haiku style.



Still and dark, the hazy glow

As focus ensues


The day unfolds, yet

not with ease, the doubt seeps in

And clouds the mind grey


The body follows

suit, and soon all is shattered,

tiny pieces fall


Yet they pursue, the

Reason unknown, except to

Prove stronger the mind


The day is not lost

No, merely a different lens

To see the journey


And under that lens

The tumultuous journey,

transcends into grace


Bright, triumphant end

Troubled journey leads to a

Beautiful ending


It is such a day

That defines us to the core

And makes us feel alive


Do we hide in fear,

No, we welcome the fight

The struggle, brilliant


And for this we will

Ever be thankful, for

Discovering strength


This does not define

Us, we define it, and rise

Above our demise.



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